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I am based in Hobart but can come to you anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere in the world via Zoom and online channels.

I'm highly experienced at both in-person and online facilitation, and can develop workshops to suit the forum and your needs. I can run online workshops to anywhere in the world.

I service Australia and New Zealand and other locations worldwide. Depending on your location service may be in person of via Zoom or other online services.

I work across all industries and sectors - the benefit of my career experience is that I've either worked in recruitment or transition across them all.

I have particular expertise in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Superannuation, Travel, IT, Utilities (Water, Gas, Power - generation and distribution), Tertiary Education, Manufacturing, Mining, Not-for-profit, Local, State & Federal Government, Primary Industry, Forestry and more.

My programs vary in length depending on your requirements and needs; anywhere from 1 month to 12 months.

Life Navigation usually runs for 3 - 6 months.

Yes! Life Navigation Transition to Retirement is the ideal solution.

This is a conversation we will have when I am designing your workshop; it depends on the outcomes you are trying to achieve based on which workshop solution you opt for.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the audience. Some are driven by the content, others evolve as I facilitate the workshop - each one is carefully crafted to achieve the client's objectives.

Knowledge is the treasure in your organisation. But who holds it? And what happens if those people move on?

Knowledge transfer is critical to your organisation’s future, and essential for departing subject matter experts (SMEs) within your organisation, whether they be an executive, team member, recent hire, or consultant.

I can provide you with expertise to ensure effective and enduring knowledge transfer, so that your business continues to run smoothly and thrive in times of change.

My one-on-one coaching sessions are the gift of time, an opportunity to press pause in our complex and uncertain world and ask the questions that need to be asked, enabling deep thought and the permission to reflect. I work with directors, executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and people keen to find flow and explore their Plan B.

I balance best-practice tools, assessments, the latest thinking, and data to support your decision-making and action orientation. I hold the space that enables you to evolve. I help you achieve the results you want to see.

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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and at times we may feel lost in the seas of uncertainty.

The Life Navigation program focuses on 8 key areas to provide the structure and clarity you need to move forward when you’re feeling adrift. Each area encourages you to reflect via powerful questions and activities, explore further resources and feel empowered to take action.

The Life Navigation program can be implemented in both my individual coaching sessions and for tailored workshop solutions for a variety of situations.

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Knowledge is the treasure in your organisation. But who holds it?

Every career transition involves a transfer of responsibility, and this presents risks and opportunities for your organisation. Every promotion, secondment, relocation, or retirement involves losing and recreating knowledge. I provide the expertise to ensure effective and enduring knowledge transfer so that your organisation continues to run smoothly and thrive in times of change.

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What would you do differently if you knew your strengths and how to use them?

Strengths Profile is a leading global model of development – the only one that explores performance, energy and use. Strengths Profile draws on the latest research in workplace positive psychology to reveal both realised and unrealised strengths, plus learned behaviours and weaknesses, to help you to discover more about what you love to do.

Working with individuals and/or teams, I use Strengths Profile to embed a culture where your people, teams and managers work together to appreciate and bring out the best in everyone. Positive strengths-based cultures lead to a 12.5% increase in productivity, 50% increase in employee retention, 44% increase in customer satisfaction and a six-fold increase in engagement. Your organisation deserves that.

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Our population is ageing, and so is your workforce. This means continual, natural transitions at every level of your organisation.

You value your people and want to manage the talent lifecycle with integrity while limiting the impact on teams and operations. The mature age workforce planning program addresses this need. It aids your leaders and organisation to enable talent change with confidence and capability.

Your leaders will develop a plan that optimises the late-career experience and safeguards individuals, teams, and business operations through the impact of change.

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