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I’m thinking a lot about sailing today as our son Toby is crossing Bass Strait for the first time, helping to deliver a boat from Hobart to Sydney. I can only begin to imagine what he’s experiencing, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Endurance and Perspective:  Whilst sailing is usually fun, particularly if it’s social, there are times when it’s cold, wet, windy, and downright miserable.  Resilience, grit and emotional agility are essential.

For the most part, sailing is a team effort. It requires great leadership, communication, resilience, and problem-solving.  It involves strategic thinking and the ability to translate that strategy into tactical and practical results.

In dinghy sailing, the consequences of a lousy gybe often result in swimming.  Not much fun.  However, it’s also essential from a resilience perspective when you’re learning to sail, to know that you do have the ability to get your boat back upright and to be able to continue the...

I’ll share a little secret with you.  The first time I went sailing in the mid-1980s I was terrified.  I thought the boat was going to tip over and I’d end up being lunch for the seven-gill sharks that exist peacefully in the river Derwent. Totally irrational, I ...

Imagine you’re sailing. You are grateful for the opportunity and courage to show up. What’s the weather doing? Has the boat been correctly rigged?  How are you feeling?  What about your crew? What’s in the all-important Notice of Race – that outlines the course, rules, and regulations?  Do you know...

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