Every client is unique, and so is their success. Here's what they have to say about To Evolve.

Whatever the stage you may be in your work or career, there are times when you will especially value the wise counsel of others.

Katherine provides the guidance and strategies to assist in charting your next steps, checking back in on your notions or ideas, and giving the encouragement that is sometimes needed to cast off from the shore.

I have appreciated Katherine’s methodical approach, backed with theory and adapted intuitively to a language or steps that resonate more clearly with my own.

Kate Kent, Deputy Secretary | Culture, Arts and Sport | Department of State Growth (Hobart)

Katherine has been an amazing coach for me, creating space to deeply reflect, address obstacles and define strategies and actions to move me forward.

Her ability to actively listen and ask the right questions has brought great value to the sessions.

What sets Katherine apart is her 20+ years of experience in all aspects of career coaching.  This experience enabled Katherine to complement her coaching by providing me different types of personality and behavioural models and frameworks to support my goals and action plans. 

Katherine’s authentic, creative and heart felt approach brings out the best in people. I highly recommend talking to Katherine.

Adam Payne, Leadership Coach and Business Leader at Microsoft (Sydney)

One thing you'll know as soon as you connect with Katherine is that she loves people, and seeing them grow is her greatest joy.

Coaching with her has been an absolute gift, and I have found deep and meaningful shifts in my leadership as a result of the sessions. She has helped me fully own my feminine style of leading and be able to hold space for more women leaders.

Her style has a perfect balance of structure and flow, which I love!

Samridhi Purohit, Global Learning and Development Manager ANZ (Sydney)

To Evolve is more than business coaching it is taking the whole and putting it in context.
Katherine from To Evolve has reminded me that I have choices and she has assisted me putting these choices into business decisions that reflect who I am and promote my strengths.
Coaching with To Evolve has helped me validate myself by facilitating self-discovery so I can clearly identify what no longer serves me and what strengths I have that I can use to make a positive impact in my business and, more broadly in my life.

Business Owner, Hobart

I have worked with Katherine for a number of years now and I am always so impressed with the results that she is able to obtain.

I often engage Katherine in circumstances that are challenging and sensitive because her ability to navigate through them and secure amazing results is excellent.

These interventions have been in several different spaces, including executive coaching, tailored facilitation of large groups and change management transition work with people managers. The results that have been achieved include holistic shifts with individuals, strategic direction of teams and even the ability of large groups to navigate through complex change projects.

Katherine’s style and ability to truly get to know the business to deliver outstanding results in a professional and personalised manner ensures that she stands out as a true expert in her field.

Robyn Judd, Chief of People & Culture Spirit Super (Hobart)

Katherine had previously done some work on strength profiling the team at Spirit Super Finance in 2021.

As the new CFO I engaged her to follow up on that work as well as facilitate a 2 day strategy workshop with the Finance team in June 2022. The close engagement and discussion from Katherine led to a very successful outcome of vision, purpose and next steps for the Finance team, in no small part to the structure of the workshop as well as Katherine’s guidance throughout the workshop itself.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Katherine’s work on both the strengths profiling and/or workshop development.

John Dyer Interim CFO Spirit Super (Melbourne)

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Executive Coaching with Katherine – this was especially beneficial for me as it happened during the period impacted by the COVID pandemic which hit my industry incredibly hard. 

Katherine’s ability to empathise, genuinely listen and probe gently really challenged me to think more broadly and strategically in a time of chaos. Katherine helped me lift out of the immediate day to day, to focus on what gives me energy (and what doesn’t), what strengths I should leverage (and those not to overplay) and what achievements I should be proud of and to remember experiences I have learnt from.

Katherine has a fantastic ‘kit-bag’ full of great questions and helpful diagnostic tools which provoked deeper thinking and insight which in turn helped with some key strategies to help me frame and re-frame – many of which I continue to use today. 

I would highly recommend Katherine as a great coach who has certainly helped me to evolve and continue to aspire for more.

Michael Eizenberg, Head of Talent Acquisition and Corporate HR, Qantas Airways Limited (Sydney)

Having sought coaching and mentoring from Katherine at different stages of my career, I have found her knowledgeable and pragmatic approach not only brings clarity to a situation but also introduces fresh perspectives to consider.

This always greatly assists me to navigate through challenges and pursue the best outcomes.

Judy Dew CEO General Practice Training Tasmania 

I have known Katherine since early 2021 when we enrolled together on our coaching certification programme. 

I worked with Katherine during the course and engaged her personally as a coach afterwards.  I was impressed with Katherine’s rapid development as an experienced and capable executive coach, and was pleased to hear that she was accredited with the ICF earlier this year. 

Katherine’s coaching has helped me a lot and I can certainly commend her to anyone looking for a professional and empathetic coach for their own leadership journey.

Steven Waldmeyer, Automotive Professional (China)

There is a saying “we don’t know what we don’t know!
I was fortunate to have Katherine recommended to me by a work colleague during recovery from burnout. Katherine led me on a transforming, self-discovery journey that helped me understand what knowledge I didn’t have about myself.
Her capacity to quickly build trust and create a safe space to explore those parts of my world view is what makes her unique. To unpack how you have formed views about your values, what gives you joy and energy and what drains it along with a clear picture about how to dedicate equal time and effort to all your strengths, are gifts her coaching gave to me!
I look forward to never reaching the burnout zone again because of the practical tools and the transformative tools and knowledge Katherine’s coaching provided.
There is no monetary value that is greater than the richness of a healthy mind and body. I encourage you to take that first step and reach out to Katherine for guidance.

John Carey, Future Partnership Manager, Stanwell Corporation (Queensland)

Katherine has been my go-to consultant for any executive career transition and coaching in Asia Pacific for over 5 years. 

What sets Katherine apart from the others is she always spends time to understand what we are trying to achieve before tailoring a solution that mutually benefits the organisation and employee.

James Hughes | People Director – APAC CBRE Pte. Ltd. | Advisory & Transaction Services and Corporate Groups (Singapore)

Thank you for your shining light. I am incredibly grateful for your support, friendship and kindness. Keep up the incredible work - you are changing lives.

Business Owner, Hobart

I was lucky enough to recently experience Katherine Riddoch’s To Evolve facilitated “life navigation” framework. Katherine has managed to take her deep knowledge of executive coaching, her wonderful balance of empathetic and empirical thinking, and apply a structure that allows for deep, insightful, and meaningful conversations which had me thinking long after our sessions.

The sailing metaphor works on so many levels, allowing for a narrative which flows naturally through all the conversations, and enables challenging topics to emerge gently. I would recommend this coaching to anyone, at any stage in their career but especially for someone who is facing a transition of any kind. I’m grateful to Katherine and excited to continue the conversation.

Susanne Schantz, Management Consultant | Neu21

Meeting Katherine and being part of her Life Navigation pilot program has been an amazingly positive experience for me. Katherine and her program have reshaped my thinking and approach to my work. The sailboat metaphor works on so many levels, it is both clever and practical. Katherine’s energy, intelligence and commitment are evident at every session. I feel privileged to work with such a dynamic, thoughtful and authentic person. I highly recommend To Evolve, the Life Navigation program and Katherine.

Sarah Dinning | SCD Consulting (Sydney)

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