What’s the sailing connection all about? Not many people know that I was an Australian Sailing Race Official (RO).  I love the jostling at the start line, the anticipation of getting the start sequences correct – all those horns and flags – and watching the boats head towards the top mark.  Finish boat is also lots of fun – celebrating the wins and cheering on the tail end of the fleet - a topic for another day.

Imagine you’re sailing. You are grateful for the opportunity and courage to show up. What’s the weather doing? Has the boat been correctly rigged?  How are you feeling?  What about your crew? What’s in the all-important Notice of Race – that outlines the course, rules, and regulations?  Do you know where you’re supposed to be going?

As a Start Boat RO, there is excitement as the fleet makes their way towards you, sometimes to sign on and say hello.  Connection at all ages and stages is so important, and a friendly smile goes a long way to help the jittery nerves!  From the Start Boat, you observe the skippers looking out at the course, sailing up and down the line checking the wind direction, measuring the tide, possible wind shifts, and other minute details that help them decide whether to start at the boat-end or pin-end of the line or somewhere in the middle.

Those that have watched the start of a Sydney to Hobart yacht race will appreciate the thrill of boats “threading the needle” as they duck and weave to gain a competitive advantage.  Just as in life and your work, there are multiple decisions to be made - some in a split second, others with the luxury of time.  Sometimes everything lines up, and you are off and sailing; other times, things don’t go to plan.

Moments and insights make all the difference.  Have you passed on a friendly smile this week? Have you had the courage to show up? Are you ready to sail and evolve?

Podcast | 4 Moments on The Diary of a CEO That Changed My Life with Steven Bartlett

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott

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